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Lance Grootboom

Lance Grootboom | Professional Fine Artist

Beyond aesthetics, art has function and art has purpose.

It serves as memento from days past, a reminder to treasure moments of beauty in our present and it is an effort to express future hopes and aspirations. As an artist it is my utmost privilege to have the insight, talent and skills to create the type art works that affects, that inspires and that moves

Like most artists I started drawing from a very young age. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My home town is known for its wind, beaches, Victorian landmarks and its friendly residents has earned the moniker, “The Friendly City".

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Unfortunately, formal art education was prohibitively expensive where I grew up and as a result, my path to becoming a professional artist was by necessity self-taught. Crayons and crude pencil was traded for industry-standard graphite and pastels and those were eventually supplanted by premium grade acrylics on canvas.


As my skills matured and my technique became more precise, my art and my passion for cars converged, with this union ultimately becoming my profession. 

I combine passion, attention to detail, high quality modern materials and techniques ranging from classical to cutting edge and experimental to create one-of-a-kind pieces unique to the vision of each commission.

While I have a penchant for greats like Claus Luthe, designer of the BMW E30 and Ferdinand Porsche, my design palette is broad and eclectic, with an appreciation for the classics and admiration for the modern aesthetic.

With commissions from Collectors, Businesses and Car Enthusiasts around the globe, my work ethic goes beyond the creative process. Every art piece I produce comes accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged and shipped with the utmost care.

Official Signatures.

Lance Grootboom | Official Signature
Lance Grootboom | Official Signature
Lance Artworx
Lance Artworx
Lance Artworx
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